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In the demon world of Makai, there are seven noble families that are of ruling status. Though the families are of nobility, they also have exceptional fighting prowess, essentially comprising their families as legions of skilled warriors. The Kreutz Family is one of the seven noble families of Makai. Xell, the current master of the Kreutz Family, stands at a height of 5 meters, and is a war dragon. He has the most unusual appearance out of all the noble classes, and those who are of his family also have appearances that are far from a human form. However, brutal though their appearance may be, there is no vulgarity and roughness within the family. Despite their savage forms, they are all first class fighters who are highly trained to obey their master's commands. They are very loyal to their master, and as an organized group operating under strict discipline, they will do anything within their remarkable capabilities to execute the will of Xell. Failing to complete an order or betrayal is swiftly punished by death. Though their numbers are few, they possess powerful one hit attacks and are feared as the "Bullet of Makai."

Baraba Kreutz, titled as the "Wolf Lord", is the leader of the royal guardsmen of the Kreutz family. His eyes were the eyes of those who survived countless life-or-death situations. 20 years ago, he had wandered into the human world, but he had forgotten most of his memories spent amongst the humans during this time. Even though his memory is amnesic, he vaguely remembers a kind English woman who cared for him when he was injured in the human world. When he came back to Makai, he played an active role as a fighter of the Kreutz family. Demitri had even said, "He is my best rival in my life." Demitri felt that Baraba's fighting style held a certain kind of beauty in its finesse and precision, a kind not found amongst the martial abilities of lesser darkstalkers. Roughly ten years after Baraba returned to Makai, he suddenly disappeared. Master Xell had searched for him for many years, but he could not be found. Some say that he had returned to the human world to reunite with the woman again, but no one knows the truth of the events pertaining to his abrupt absence.

Jon was born and raised in England, and his mother died shortly after giving birth to him. When he found out he was a darkstalker, he felt no anger towards his parents. To him, his parents were just conceptual parents. He maintained his human self by cursing his fate. Following his inner voice, he devoted training his body and mind to attain excellent fighting skills. This was part of his pride as a human to fight against his other half.

After the events with Pyron, he had lifted his curse and regained his human form. But this was a temporary illusion that he caused. It was impossible to cleanse his own blood. His will could not change the future. During the battles in Majigen, he came face to face with his dark self within. After defeating his vile counterpart, he wondered if he should keep pressing forward for answers or if he should flee. His fate afterwards is unknown. In Darkstalkers 3, his ending shows that he takes care of two children who are waiting for him to return from the Majigen. Depending on what game or comic you are looking at, he is depicted as being vicious or calm.

He has not been playable in a Capcom Crossover game, but he does make cameos like appearing in stage backgrounds or endings.

In Japan, Talbain is known as Gallon (ガロン) (pronounced like the Japanese word Garou (餓狼, Garō, meaning "hungry wolf"), as opposed to a gallon of milk). The name "Talbain" has a close resemblance to "Talbot", which was the surname of the main character from the 1941 film version of "The Wolfman", which is arguably the best known incarnation of the tale.
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