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Tachibana Marika
Tachibana Marika
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橘 万里花
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Komi Naoshi - Nisekoi - Tachibana Marika - Fan Book - Jump Comics - vol.4 - Anime Heroine Mini-album Nisekoi 4seasons (Shueisha)


Daughter of Gen and Chika, 橘 万里花 (Tachibana Marika) is one of the main heroines of the Nisekoi series. An orange-haired, outgoing, type B tsundere, Marika transfers to protagonist Raku's high school class and is initially introduced as his fiancée. She is extremely vocal about expressing her love to Raku, even enduring a serious underlying illness since birth as well as a strict and authoritarian mother to do so. Skilled at singing, cooking, and household duties, Marika does her best to do anything that may please to Raku, and become his ideal wife. Marika always wears a trademark calendula hairpin, gifted by Raku in reference to her name (Mari 万里 and 花, meaning flower = marigold flower), and keeps her hair long despite hating long-haired girls because Raku had said he liked girls with long. She speaks with a Hakata dialect when she's flustered, embarrassed or angry and owns a pet parrot named "Raku-sama". As she is the daughter of a police chief and is the heir to the Tachibana family, she is often accompanied by Honda, her bodyguard and aide.
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