Shiodome Miuna
Shiodome Miuna
Nome originale
潮留 美海


Nagi no Asukara - Shiodome Miuna - 1/7 (Aiiro Sorairo)



Kokekokko☆Koma - Nagi no Asukara - Shiodome Miuna - Comics - Doujinshi - Soredemo Miuna (Jido-Hikki)Kokekokko☆Koma - Nagi no Asukara - Sakishima Hikari - Shiodome Miuna - Comics - Doujinshi - Ha-tsu-mi-u-na (Jido-Hikki)


A third grade elementary school girl who is Itaru's daughter. Miuna met Akari when she visited them shortly after she was born. She loves Akari but the thought of losing her like she did her mother caused her to refuse to accept Akari as family. Later on, she overcomes her fear and fully accepts Akari as her new mother. She has a crush on Hikari.

View spoilerHide spoilerDuring the five year period of the time skip, Miuna could usually be found staring out at the ocean waiting for Hikari to return. After the time skip, she enters middle school with Sayu. Her feelings for Hikari have only grown stronger, even to the point of rejecting one of her other classmates who has liked her since elementary school. When Miuna falls into the sea by accident, she develops Ena on her skin which allows her to breathe underwater like her mother. In episode 25, she becomes the Ojoshi-sama but is later saved by Hikari. In the epilogue, she comes in terms with her unrequited feelings for Hikari, looking forward to the future where she believes new feelings will be born.
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