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Well I hope the figure will be 1/4 scale because in my opinion it is the best size. When I look at my Olga Discordia she is just the right size. Of course such figures demand a lot of space but they look incredible.
10 giorno/i fa
Is it just me or there seems to be alot of binding projects from native then the other native projects coming out.not every figure needs to be 1/4. Am hoping this is a 1/6. Am seeing alot of nice binding figures coming. But am hesitant to pre order a 1/4 due to price and size. This is something I would probably pick up later or I will just save up now for it.
11 giorno/i fa
PinkyWarlord21 giorno/i fa#82449076Is it weird I want her to be 1/6? She’d look soooo nice with my other demon girls that size.

Me too
11 giorno/i fa
Is it weird I want her to be 1/6? She’d look soooo nice with my other demon girls that size.
21 giorno/i fa
If she is a 1/4 I am sooo getting her
1 mese/i fa
Strange name choice huh, but this sculpt could be v nice
1 mese/i fa
Taralen1 mese/i fa#81209685There can only be one Cattleya...

1 mese/i fa
My wallet is crying and I am smiling
1 mese/i fa
Must be time to throw the towel 'bout expecting one of the purple-haired maid...
1 mese/i fa
Get that Houtengeki!! Love his art, I need to get a figure with his art eventually. Hopefully this comes out better than some of the others.
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