Naruto Shippuuden - Pain - X-tra  (#02) - 1/10 - Tendou (Tsume)Naruto Shippuuden - Pain - X-tra (#02) - 1/10 - Tendou (Tsume)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
Naruto Shippuuden - Pain - X-tra  (#02) - 1/10 - Tendou (Tsume)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/10  W=130mm (5.07in)  H=195mm (7.61in, 1:1=1.95m)
Data di uscita
09/12/2013 Come Limited
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Pre-order: January 2013

Limited to 3,000 pieces.
Further limited to 200 which were available directly from the Tsume-Art Website and feature signatures (on the box) from the artistic development team.


Selling mine in Europe, make an offer! I can give you the lowest shipping price.
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I have one for sale in excellent condition along with his original box. Send me a message if you are interested in buying it. Shipping worldwide
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I'm looking to buy with the box at a reasonable price. I live in France, please message me.
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Located in the US, looking for this one!
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Very interested in this figure! If available please message me!
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I’m looking to buy at a reasonable price. I’m negotiable and live in USA.
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Selling pm me if intrested
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FOC Studios just announced their Pain resin figure... Doesn't look that awesome like the Model Palace one but I guess it will be half the price as usual.
We'll have to wait and see...
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I have one sealed in the box, brand new for sale. Send me a message if you are interested in buying it. Shipping worldwide.
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DBZRuss252 anno/i fa#31447980nice pic I own both still waiting on the other pain resin where he sits on the tounge very nice
Hello there my friend. Do you own both FOC and Model Palace Pain figures? Would you mind sending some pictures and telling me your opinion on which is better??? (MP has double price that FOC)
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