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Another - Misaki Mei - Chibi-Arts (Bandai)
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H=100mm (3.9in)
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fuck i hate that this was canceled i def would've bought it
4 anno/i fa
Has anyone ever made a custom nendoroid of her? If do please tell me how to build it.
4 anno/i fa
R.I.P Mei, never to be on our shelves
4 anno/i fa
5 anno/i fa
I'm personally not a Chibi-Arts fan but what's with Bandai going through the trouble of making prototypes and then seemingly ditching the project all together?A good chunk of Chibi-Arts never even get released.Or are they just ditching the entire Chibi-Arts line completely?I would have preferred this be a nendoroid myself seeing how Misaki Mei was one of the most requested characters to be made into one on GSC's 10th anniversary poll, but if Bandai already had the rights to her and they already had the prototype made(trying to beat GSC to the punch I assume) the least you could do is take advantage of that go through with it.It's just a shame to see such potential go to waste,but who knows maybe they'll surprise us and actually go through with it(I kind of doubt it though).
6 anno/i fa
why bandai why :'C
6 anno/i fa
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
klnwdqtnz6 anno/i fa#2050797what ever happened to this? :(
Bandai happened.
6 anno/i fa
what ever happened to this? :(
6 anno/i fa
chibi-arts pls deliver Q___Q
6 anno/i fa
かわいい so cute~
6 anno/i fa
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