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This figure will be based on a custom one the sculptor Sai showcased at Sana collaboration Cafe event
You can read more about the process here -> sculptors.jp/to...
Please do not upload pictures of Sai's custom figure to the entry or update it with them.


Better start saving up for her right this instant.
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cheers to hoping she stays this pretty after release
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Oh my god. I remember Sai was on twitter saying that this wasn't going to be sold and this was a personal project and I literally cried about it for a few days.. I am SO happy that this is getting produced. This Sana figure was a dream for me!
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im a sucker for fancy bases. hoping this isn't too expensive..
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what means the cake with the number 17. she celebrates her 17 birthday?
She looks good. very detailed....and intense colours. face is super i think. :)
and the base is very cool....there are many things on this base . :—-O
its rare!
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I’m obsessed T_T I can’t wait, we already know how amazing she is aaaah!
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mocchi neet queen
I’m being spoiled with this PLUS the pop up parade. Very happy
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NOOOO my poor wallet she's absolutely gorgeous crii <3
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PVC anime figure store.


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