Final Fantasy XII - Balthier Bunansa - Fran - Sculpture Arts (Square Enix)Final Fantasy XII - Balthier Bunansa - Fran - Sculpture Arts (Square Enix)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Final Fantasy XII - Balthier Bunansa - Fran - Sculpture Arts (Square Enix)
Scala & Dimensioni
H=350mm (13.65in)
Data di uscita
09/2008 Come Standard
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interested in selling mine due to lack of space

Condition: very good
Box: very good
Location Germany -Bonn
2 anno/i fa
interested in anyone selling ~
3 anno/i fa
melonton6 anno/i fa#2221100anyone selling?
Found this randomly on Rakuten 14,500 yen global.rakuten....
6 anno/i fa
anyone selling?
6 anno/i fa
would love to buy from anyone who's selling.
6 anno/i fa
Obviously not holding my breath, but if anyone ever decides to part with this, I'd love to work something out. I have a tradelist full of stuff over on Cheapassgamer; shoot me a PM if you'd like to take a look.
6 anno/i fa
Just got this today - I'm too scared to open it! XP
7 anno/i fa
I managed to get this new for 130 euros. I'm picking up my order next week. So excited! I never imagined getting it, let alone for that price. O_o

Edit: Got it! Pictures don't do it justice, it's just so beautiful.
8 anno/i fa
Just have it, just amazing <3 i'm in love x)
8 anno/i fa
julimano8 anno/i fa#996078I nearly bought it, but got afraid of how much the shipping would cost :/
Now only 13 200¥!!
You should ask for shipping, but expect something like 5 kg for the weight and probably customs depending where you live.
8 anno/i fa
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