Vocaloid - Megurine Luka (Yukishiro)
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H=190mm (7.41in)
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02/10/2013 Come Limited
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Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter]


I love how dynamic her pose is, but this circle cannot do any kind of proportions to save their life. The legs always look like they're trying to run away from the figure.
1 anno/i fa
I think this probably the only lusty-looking figure (GK) that I actually would like to own.
6 anno/i fa
Muntoe7 anno/i fa#1300435You guys do realize that since this is resin you can sand them down and modify the breasts yourself? ^^; Big knockers seems to be something Yukishiro is really good at sculpting though haha...

Garage kits: adventures in (actual) plastic surgery.

Yeah, that's the great thing about GKs: you can fix the things that would ruin an otherwise great figure.
7 anno/i fa
I kinda like this, despite not really being into Vocaloid. And hey, I love Yukishiro's sculpts, even with the exaggerated anatomy. His sculpts are really dynamic.

But yes, this is a GK, so you can sand things down. Reshaping resin isn't terribly difficult, it just takes some patience. Despite the overly large breasts, she's still a beautiful sculpt ^__^
7 anno/i fa
ITEM #72522 + boiling water + liquidizer = This figure
7 anno/i fa
Finally a Luka with a normal face. I hope it becomes PVC.
7 anno/i fa
Why do I like the look of uncoloured prototypes so much more?
7 anno/i fa
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Hope she gets made, I would love to get this and those one's. So far I have only seen about 4 kits made by other companies, should be more. nofuture7 anno/i fa#1300039fingers crossed there will be a painted version. other garage kits from this circle have ITEM #1371 ITEM #72359 ITEM #42198
7 anno/i fa
This is Megurine Luka? LOL! No.
7 anno/i fa
And I've somehow found myself in that part of MFC with the wonky anatomy again...;;
7 anno/i fa
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