Commenti Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Graphig ++ - HappyKuji - HappyKuji Hatsune Miku 2013 Summer ver. - LOL -lots of laugh- (Cospa, Family Mart, Good Smile Company)

  • She looks so graceful and adorable at the same time. c'x
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    icedblueberry Kise Ryouta Fangirl
    I got her and she's really cute! I was kind of iffy on the face design when I ordered her, but I ordered anyway since I love the song. Guess what? The head is reversible! (If this is common knowledge, I didn't know, this is my first Graphig) The head behind the :P one is a blank staring one that looks like how she looks when she's staring at the computer screen. I love it!!
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    Soooo cuuuute!
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    denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
    adorable!!! i must have this <3
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