Psycho-Pass - Makishima Shogo - 1/8 (One)Psycho-Pass - Makishima Shogo - 1/8 (One)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Psycho-Pass - Makishima Shogo - 1/8 (One)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/8  H=220mm (8.58in, 1:1=1.76m)
Data di uscita
07/27/2014 Come Limited
07/28/2013 Come Limited
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stil selling mine
2 anno/i fa
Anyone have both this and the GEM Kougami? I'd love to see how their sizing is beside each other....would anyone have pics?
2 anno/i fa
selling mine
4 anno/i fa
gave him to a friend,,, need to unloaded my luggage,,, gonna move to far far city,,,
4 anno/i fa
I'm searching for him painted by Gathering, PM me!
4 anno/i fa
As I have this and pvc of him.. I'm considering of selling him or mod into Corazon from One Piece
5 anno/i fa
I need this... this is my grail ;_;
5 anno/i fa
meteor-echo6 anno/i fa#2201480Welp, I think I'll mod him into Aoba from DMMd. The boots will be a pain to sculpt though :I
My two favourite mullet boys. <3
6 anno/i fa
Welp, I think I'll mod him into Aoba from DMMd. The boots will be a pain to sculpt though :I
6 anno/i fa
actually i made an account on ***** just for this beautiful white haired psycho
Leosach7 anno/i fa#1662688Ok It's ***** but for those who desires one Makishima and don't have any GK modeling habilities this is an option Gathering is painting him *_*.
Wait to see the final prices!
And don't know if I just go all crazy and buy my beautiful bootleg GK or if I should wait with hope in my heart for prepainted versions for both Makishima and Kougami with 2 season is a possibility after all T_T
6 anno/i fa
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.


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