Shin Seiki Evangelion - EVA-01 - The Hard Core Mode (Kaiyodo, Xebec Toys)Shin Seiki Evangelion - EVA-01 - The Hard Core Mode (Kaiyodo, Xebec Toys)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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Shin Seiki Evangelion - EVA-01 - The Hard Core Mode (Kaiyodo, Xebec Toys)
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1997 Come Standard
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If anybody wants it I can give it for free (box is damaged, figure itself is in very good conditions).
I ask only for shipping rate: SALE #128007
Thank you!!
not available anymore
3 anno/i fa
it's super cool; and the sculpt is bad ass; but as with everyone else that owns it I have the problem of it being too heavy for the stand and falling over :c good thing is a scored it second hand for $10. i'll try to add a weight to the bottom
4 anno/i fa
This is the absolute worst figure I have ever purchased. It bends to the left side. Once it is bent you cannot display it anymore since it cant stand. It’s a GORGEOUS looking figure…. but terribly designed. I don’t recommend this at all.
4 anno/i fa
5 anno/i fa
I miss mine so much. ; u ; Always sad loving figures to moving and the like in younger years.
6 anno/i fa
grymdylan weeaboo kingpin
it may have been released 16 years ago
but gosh darn it do i want this
6 anno/i fa
Finally got rid of this freaking thing. Poor tipsy Eva.
7 anno/i fa
Got this for 15$. :D
8 anno/i fa

Propping up the base does not help because the weight of the figure lurches too far to one side. I may need to heat it up and bend it into a less unbalanced shape. I love the details and it's a great figure overall, but it was not well engineered.

Heating up and bending didn't help either. Even when bent into a proper shape, the weight of it still makes it fall over. RRRRRGH
8 anno/i fa
maybe because of overheat or something like that.
mine was problem cause : it already fall from my desk for 3 time

Well when I look at the figure falling is not the problem. The base is not heavy enough for the figure. I don't know for other collector but yeah...I manage to make it stand only over something else.><
8 anno/i fa
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