Kuroshitsuji - Grell Sutcliff (SEGA)
Scala & Dimensioni
H=170mm (6.63in)
Data di uscita
02/2010 Come Standard
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I'm selling this figure! Shipping will take place from Italy. Item is new with box.
14 giorno/i fa
I just saw him on ebay for $150. Now I know ebay is no good source of price, but is his aftermarket really that bad? I mean, I know he's old, but prize figures don't normally go up that much outside of Kujis.
2 mese/i fa
I'm selling mine
7 mese/i fa
Selling mine for 20€
PM me if interested
1 anno/i fa
Taralen Elf Hoarder
www.ebay.com/it... selling on eBay.
4 anno/i fa
Selling! SALE #96522
Also selling Seb and Ciel Sega figures!
PM for details, or see my sales page.
4 anno/i fa
I'm selling mine for 55 euros! With Box in great condition :)

PM if you're interested^^
4 anno/i fa
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Why is he tagged as female?

Edit: Just searched comments and saw why, but can't say I agree.

Had to edit again lol.
5 anno/i fa
I will put one for sale soon, 50euro, pm if you're interested :) not sure about his box, may be lost but he's in great condition, stayed in a cabinet.
6 anno/i fa
ai-risa6 anno/i fa#2304288I really hope SEGA rereleases him like they did with ITEM #10871 and ITEM #10872I was really curious as to why they didn't. He has to be the one that is the hardest to get your hands on...

Whatever though, everyone can just buy Kotobukiya's Grell when he comes out now ;)
6 anno/i fa
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