Busou Shinki - Altines - MMS - 1/1 - MMS Type Valkyrie (Konami)Busou Shinki - Altines - MMS - 1/1 - MMS Type Valkyrie (Konami)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Busou Shinki - Altines - MMS - 1/1 - MMS Type Valkyrie (Konami)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/1  H=150mm (5.85in, 1:1=0.15m)
Data di uscita
07/28/2010 Come Exclusive
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Design by Uon Taraku (Character) & Yanase Takayuki (Mecha).


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I think my only real complain about this toy is that it keeps falling apart just by touching it. The first time I finished assembling her, I put it on her base, and when I about to place it over the table, she literally disintegrated in my hands and had to get a flash light to recover the pieces that fell to the floor. This apparently happens because the screws of the base were kind of loose.

I had to tighten the screws, then try assembling her again. I tried the "winged" configuration shown in the instructions, but those parts kept felling over and over by their own weight; so, I opt for the "skirt" configuration instead. No problem what so ever, but those red clear bits (ALL of them) keep falling with the slightest touch because their little to no friction holding them in place, and they don't have pegs.

I'd would like to remark that this was an unopened item; so, it's not like the joints were "wasted".

I'm actually not so disappointed regardless of all of the above; I welcome Altines to my collection with the same respect I have for my other figures. However, it is curious enough that I still get into debate with shinki fans over the supposed fragility of Bandai's AGP IS's and yet I see little to no difference in what both lines have to offer as a toy.
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Sirkku7 anno/i fa#1768411I'm sure you won't :) How much did it cost you (used/new)?
How are you liking her wavemate?

She costed 15,750yen B/B at AmiAmi pre-owned. Not actually a fan of the Shinki overall body. However, the "souchaku" (equipping) concept is very neat and done really good. Unfortunately, only these two "sisters" are the ones that caught my attention; it's difficult for me to find another shinki/armor combination that I would like to buy. I would stick to AGP, since I like the IS characters and mecha parts better.

Nevertheless, I really had to add these two to my collection. : )
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naisor7 anno/i fa#1768149Well, finally gathered the courage to order one. Let's hope we don't regret it later.I'm sure you won't :) How much did it cost you (used/new)?
How are you liking her wavemate?
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Well, finally gathered the courage to order one. Let's hope we don't regret it later.
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