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Import from Japan
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comes in a set of 8, blind boxed


I just received her today. Unopened box, but when I opened her up, I found one of her wings had arrived snapped off. :(
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Full vol. 1 available on MioBoutique @7590 yen: www.mbttoys.com...
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Mine is very stable. All of these seem to be hit or miss with how easy they are to put together and pose on their base. My Flan is flying and holds together fine.
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She is way too top heavy. Just a simple shake will send her toppling down. Otherwise, nice figure
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kilani Sayaka Rank
If it's on a peg, maybe it has to be sanded down a little or her hole should be sanded to widen. I've had to do that with figures before.
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Oh my gosh her head is ridiculous to get on. Anyone else have trouble?
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The set is in stock and available once again at Toranoana.
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On OtaCute now, but for a high price :/
For people who are interested: www.otacute.com...
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sample review ^__^: akibahobby.net/...
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