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perfect Hitagi... could be also perfect striped Hanekawa too(
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Looks like there's no point in waiting, FigFIX wasn't that popular after all. But still it's kinda annoying to see YET another Shinobu announcements and no info about this figure and that one ITEM #371339
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I_Kyubey 4 years ago

Really 4 years have passed?!
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if this really release someday... i will spend all my money, but get her...
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I really want her
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With the announcement of the new season/movie Zoku Owarimonogatari myanimelist.net... this could be a great time to release it!.... i only hope.
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Part of me thinks this is dead, but another part thinks maybe they're waiting to release along with something else (new book,anime,BD re-releae) to help boost sales.
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... Yeaaaah. I don't even know anymore.
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My heart aches..
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