Transformers: Car Robots - Fire Convoy - C-001 - Super Fire Convoy (Takara)Transformers: Car Robots - Fire Convoy - C-001 - Super Fire Convoy (Takara)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Transformers: Car Robots - Fire Convoy - C-001 - Super Fire Convoy (Takara)
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04/2000 Come Standard
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Includes all parts to form all three forms plus a battle station mode. Can combine with God Magnus to form "God Fire Convoy"


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The only downside to this awesome figure is that chrome chest...
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If Hasbro didn't cancel the reissue of this toy, I would have get the new official image.
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I've made some edits to this entry, but to be honest I'm a bit confused. Looking through the history it appears there's some conflict as to whether this is supposed to be RiD Optimus Prime or Car Robots Fire Convoy (or an entry for both). I've basically turned this into more of a Fire Convoy-centric entry by adding the Car Robots release number, release date, price and JAN; and by adding Takara to the manufacturers. I also added an Encyclopedia entry for Fire Convoy and linked this entry to it, while removing the affiliation to G1 Convoy.

I couldn't find another entry for Fire Convoy in the database, and it seems to me that release, at the very least, should have an entry on MFC.

While acknowledging that CR Fire Convoy and RiD Optimus Prime are 2 different characters from 2 different storylines, in my opinion this entry should contain the info for both the Japanese and US releases since the figures themselves are so similar. I took some photos of the Fire Convoy boxart which I was planning to use to update the picture and thumbnail in lieu of official pics, but I won't do that yet since I'm unsure as to whether this was originally intended to be an entry solely for RiD Prime (as the current pic and gallery photos would indicate). Any thoughts, lemme know.
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I need RID/Car Robots Ultra Magnus!
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