Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Jumbo Plush - 1/1 (Hasbro, Tomy)Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Jumbo Plush - 1/1 (Hasbro, Tomy)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Jumbo Plush - 1/1 (Hasbro, Tomy)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/1  H=406mm (15.83in, 1:1=0.41m)
Data di uscita
1999 Come Standard
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Fat Pika, Best Pika
16 giorno/i fa
There were two of these at my (prolly ex-)local Goodwill years back, and of course I had to grab one. Hope someone picked up the other...
29 giorno/i fa
I got this one from my parents as a birthday gift AGES ago when Pokémon first aired in my country. I still have it. xD
4 anno/i fa
Oh man, does this little guy take me back. Such good times.
5 anno/i fa
sold a fake one of these in a yard sale w/ backpack straps
gonna miss u buddy
not that it matters i couldn't fit shit in it...
5 anno/i fa
Mines all dirty and dingy with the tail loose lol..... I'll get another one soon
5 anno/i fa
The nose fades out easily XD
5 anno/i fa
puccapardini7 anno/i fa#1478545OMG! My parents gave this for Christmas when I was 7! Best present EVER! X'DDD

me too :D
7 anno/i fa
OMG! My parents gave this for Christmas when I was 7! Best present EVER! X'DDD
7 anno/i fa
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Mary7 anno/i fa#1413620Somehow I acquired two of these in near perfect condition...One's a bit faded, which I got from a flea market for $20, and the other's perfect, I got it for $5 at the goodwill....:D So many obese pikas.

Obese Pika is the best Pika.
7 anno/i fa
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