Commenti Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Series - Music Box - Hoshizora no Orgel - Gold ver. (Bandai)

  • anyone still selling? plz pm me or email y960510@gmail.com
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    Themy2 anno/i fa#30897445C’mon Bandai we need a rerelease of this, pretty please!

    ...did they re-release any of the others?
    2 anno/i fa
    Selling mine for 150 euros brand new. PM me for details.
    2 anno/i fa
    C’mon Bandai we need a rerelease of this, pretty please!
    2 anno/i fa
    if anyone is selling in great condition for a reasonable price please pm me!!
    2 anno/i fa
    They should re-release it, i wanna another one T_T
    3 anno/i fa
    Selling it for 65€ shipping from Germany!
    4 anno/i fa
    anyone selling?
    4 anno/i fa
    lucy4 Free! Lover
    Selling mine for 65€ plus shipping! Has only been opened one to check the contents!
    5 anno/i fa
    I already have mine and seriously: I love it. It is the most beautiful thing I bought of the 20th anniversary.

    I did a review for my blog, though it is in Spanish.
    Anyway, the pictures are cute and you can see how it goes.

    My review: kawaiigeeku.blo...
    5 anno/i fa
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