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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Super Sailor Moon (Inanari Machi)
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02/08/2015 Come Limited
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Limited to 15 pieces.


HORROR, the worst figure ever made...
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I know a lot of flaws have been pointed out about this GK already and there is nothing more to add actually, but what I really wanna know is... Why doesn't she have any eyebrows either .____. ?
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No wonder there's only fifteen with how ugly this is has turned out!
5 anno/i fa
only 15 of them wow
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what the crap f***
5 anno/i fa
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope...
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Oh no T_T

I was really sad when I saw how this turned out. The artwork is so elegant and pretty. But this face looks like a dead frog and her waist looks like she has none... This figure looks so dead slutty... nothing like Sailor Moon... poor lady T_T totally anatomical irregular. Sorry, nothing for my collection.
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Sorry, but this sculptor has no respect for the reference art; super wide hips, overly thin waist, long forehead, large breasts...just not right at all.
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wtf is this.
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kuuuma5 anno/i fa#2615838this reminds me of e-shuushuu.net/...

I think that's the image she's based on, but naturally they gave her giant knockers because who DOESN'T like out of character and out of proportion breasts?
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