Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Cloud Strife - Play Arts - Infantryman (Kotobukiya, Square Enix)Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Cloud Strife - Play Arts - Infantryman (Kotobukiya, Square Enix)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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Includes Rifle, Tonfa and Helmet.


Selling him for 35 EURO, shipping from Poland, can ship within the EU. CLASSIFIED #136720
1 anno/i fa
Selling him new [anime.circlly.c...]
2 anno/i fa
Selling new in box. Also have a few more original ff7 play arts characters for sale. Pm
3 anno/i fa
Selling an unboxed with all parts and stand crisis core cloud, pm open to offers from EU buyers, thanks :)

3 anno/i fa
Selling him used, for 35 Euro + shipping. Prefer to ship within Poland but can ship anywhere to EU.
Figure has some wear and the box is damaged, please PM me for more details&pictures. SALE #123823
3 anno/i fa
I love this version of cloud, his face seems the most "right" to me, style wise.
4 anno/i fa
Selling brand new and sealed for 80 check out my listing SALE #81997
4 anno/i fa
I'm selling him without his box for $15. All parts included. Can provide pictures upon request :)
5 anno/i fa
Downsizing my collection. Selling mine. 100% authentic. Never opened. Was kept away from any sunlight. Box and figure in new condition. $30 + (shipping and pp fees) SOLD
5 anno/i fa
TrishlerI want Genesis, angeal and Cissnei!!! Cloud is now getting on my nerves!!!

How DARE you! >: T Cloud never gets old!

Though I would approve of Genesis and Angeal.
10 anno/i fa
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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