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GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2016 Ver. (Good Smile Company)GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2016 Ver. (Good Smile Company)

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I'm seeing a lot of criticism for the 2016 design but to me its definitely one of the better racing miku's so far. The simplicity of the outfit and the orange colors remind me of the 2010 GSR Miku which is one of my favorites. Because lets face it, 2010 captured the theme of "racing" much more than the past designs have, which are more akin to "space princess miku" rather than "racing miku". Also that hair is so pleasing to look at, a multicolored hair miku is something that I havent seen before in any of the GSR Miku figures, much less any Miku figure. imho I can't see how this looks "rehashed".
That being said, the only concern I have with her is how the wings would turn out of they decide to use them. They seem like they'd be the first part to break off.
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I just know that we'll be getting this 2016 version in 2018.

I KNEW it.
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Selling displayed/like new, $120 + shipping
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Finally I got mine today! People already know her very well so I won't write any reviews. I will just tell that I didn't have any major problems putting her together, I think people didn't realize that the pins on her base have different thickness, so if you don't align the tire's holes with the right pins, you will have trouble. If you do it as it is supposed to be, there won't be any gap between the base and the tire, the 100kg mascot's feet will touch the base properly. By the other hand, the pin that connects the figure to the upper tire is really hard to get all the way in, so I gave up before my efforts ended up damaging her paintwork. Putting the umbrella in place wasn't difficult, I already had similar experience with other figures. All in all, this is one of the most remarkable Mikus released so far. Overall score: 10/10.
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