Ninja Gaiden III - Ayane - 1/6 (Multiverse Studio Inc.)Ninja Gaiden III - Ayane - 1/6 (Multiverse Studio Inc.)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Ninja Gaiden III - Ayane - 1/6 (Multiverse Studio Inc.)
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2016 Come Limited
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MSRP: $324.99


my favorite character!
I want this statue so bad :(
2 mese/i fa
Selling this figure pm
5 mese/i fa
selling this figure, please inbox for more details thanks.
10 mese/i fa
Selling this figure message if you’re interested
1 anno/i fa
Looking to buy please pm me if you have one to sell.
1 anno/i fa
Still selling this figure
2 anno/i fa
Why isn't Ryu Hayabusa licensor not approved and this is?
3 anno/i fa
Yeah, that's a risk. But if they manage to sell all the lot I think/hope they'll do variants for Ayane as well.
4 anno/i fa
What scares me though, is if it's limited... depending on when it comes out it may not be safe to wait for the Black Friday sale. The original Hayabusa run was only 300 pieces but then they went and made those variants.
4 anno/i fa
Yes, Multiverse themselves. This is the proof from they official Facebook's page: www.facebook.co...

I don't know if resin is more expensive than PVC but usually a resin figure is not cheaper than a PVC one. And keep also in mind that we're talking about a 30+ cm figure. It's very big. And I can quote MajikaruBanana about the LED lightning too. Maybe 300$ are a bit exaggerated but 150 is absolutely a fair price. Hopefully, I'll buy her on the next black friday. We have time to collect the money! XD

Ayane will probably sell better than Hayabusa. I don't know if DOA fandom is bigger than Ninja Gaiden's one but I'm sure that DOA players are in a deeper love with our kunoichi and not with our Super Ninja Ryu. :D
4 anno/i fa
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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