Original Character - Smart Doll - 008 - Futaba Ivory - 1/3 (Culture Japan)Original Character - Smart Doll - 008 - Futaba Ivory - 1/3 (Culture Japan)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Original Character - Smart Doll - 008 - Futaba Ivory - 1/3 (Culture Japan)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/3  H=600mm (23.4in, 1:1=1.8m)
Data di uscita
09/18/2015 Come Exclusive
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Selling mine.
I have also a painted L Bust, hand options, and alternate medium-long wavy (brown) wig to pair with her as well.
PM me :)
3 anno/i fa
Might have to sell mine due to dental issues/bills. Has an M Bust and zero stains. Only about a month and half old.
Comes with: Camisole Gray Set, Ring Boots, Jean Shorts, Leather Belt (Brown), Hippie Top Gray, Beige Beanie, Dark Brown Cardigan.
Selling the set for $715, comes with the Smart Doll Bag and the clothing plastic bags and care card.

I will have pictures and a sale post up later.
4 anno/i fa
Is she still for sale?
4 anno/i fa
Unfortunately I have to sell off my Ivory here. She comes with all her default apparel and items, as well as a black beanie hat, frill t shirt, and Jean shorts from the official smart doll shop as well as a blue pair of eyes from volks and two extra wigs. Also included is her original tote bag she came in and all the little plastic bags her clothes came in when i bought her.She has some staining on her head from one of the wigs which can most likely be taken care of with a magic eraser or other means. I have an album full of pictures of her on here if you wanna take a look. Pm me if you're interested! Price is set at $550 right now

4 anno/i fa
Futaba is the one I need! Mirai and Kizuna just didn't do it for me...
4 anno/i fa
I want her blue-eyed. T_T
4 anno/i fa
She needs more love, she's so adorable ;w;
4 anno/i fa
pixiebear4 anno/i fa#3577874[Heavy breathing]
Ebony and Ivory's last name is "Futaba", right?

Indeed it is~ Changed it for Ivory.
4 anno/i fa
[Heavy breathing]
Ebony and Ivory's last name is "Futaba", right?
4 anno/i fa
I'm pretty sure her numbering is 008 and I believe she will be released the same time as Ebony, but until I have official confirmation from Danny Choo somewhere, I'll leave those fields blank.
She's 008 and is being released in September~!
I noticed Ebony had her own entry but Ivory didn't, so I went ahead and remedied that, I'm looking forward to getting Ivory~ She's way cute~ ^^
5 anno/i fa
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