Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Kazami Torino (Cobra-Kai)Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Kazami Torino (Cobra-Kai)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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I have this prime waifu, would love to have her painted and show her off. Message me.
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Daiki is here and loves us, friends ITEM #602865.
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I love this girl, and this does her justice. Only thing I'd change would be her right arm, looks like she's missing a limb from the frontal view.
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That is more then a handful!
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We all miss our mommas! Sign me up for the PVC wantlist.
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gotta say the sculpt on this is really lovely *_* I like the 'realistic' touch to it with the rolls and the way the breasts are hanging look pretty natural, it almost reminds me of Hitomi Tanaka
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Amazing figure! A must have...only wish it was PVC and not a GK. Maybe if we all start asking about it and showing interest, the powers to be will create one as a pre-painted figure? Oh one can dream...
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Whoa, shape and size of those hangers are boobylicious. Now where is the Jumbo-sized (N) Lady J :D
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I truely hope that Valkyrie Drive is going to get a BUNCH of figures, such as other famous ecchi's anime like Senran Kagura or Hyakka Ryouran. This is the very beginning of the series, and we already have a season of 12 eps, a PS VITA game and two figures of the main character of Mermaid. Hopefully when we'll get the season two or even the third one, more goods and figures will show up on the market. Let's cross finger my hentai brother.
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damn it damn it damn it all >_<# Limited & Resin.

And this was my favorite oppai character TT_TT
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