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Original Character - Creator's Collection - Peach Maid Figure Series - Ami - 1/8 (Native, Progress)Original Character - Creator's Collection - Peach Maid Figure Series - Ami - 1/8 (Native, Progress)

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Original Character - Creator's Collection - Peach Maid Figure Series - Ami - 1/8 (Native, Progress)
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Rhyth (2 anno/i fa) #6567336Nah son, her feet are even large in the illustration.
Wait, Dad is that you?
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In stock @ JFigure.com (¥13,500)
A/B condition
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Pre-owned A/A condition at 15.5K. jfigure.com/ind...
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Hey Everyone if you wanna see this amazing figure in 4K up close check out my spotlight here- www.youtube.com...
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Just opened her and am totally unimpressed. I mean I'm happy with her, she's not going anywhere, but I was so excited and expecting so much more. The stomach gap is the absolute worst part. No matter how I push her together the gap in the front shows just as much as the back. And she is SO TINY. I also thought she had a little more of a squished under/chair butt look but not so much. That is half of why I bought her. And that underwear doesn't fit at all Q_Q Her hands are boxes. Whhhyyyyyy

Edit: I wrote this before I read any reviews. Glad I'm not alone. I'm pissed I paid as much as I did for this, the figure world is getting so overpriced it's hard to feel safe buying.

I agree the stocking rips look like paint defects. I was shocked, but then I saw the card. And what a random place to be ripped?!

All in all for as unhappy as I am with what I got, I am still in love with her. Her expression kills me and she is SO well painted. I just don't understand why they would release her in this state.
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NekoPanda German Figure Collectors
Uploaded many Pics :D ...Neko =^.^=
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Got her finally today, waited soooo long for this one. Her quality could be better but overall she's pretty nice and I'm really happy with her.
I don't think that her stomach looks odd when you put her together and you don't see the gap on her back anyways, no matter if you put her in the chair or on the cushion. It's overall a nice job done here but it's missing on some details, the stockings and the rips in it could be better, also the hands and lower parts of the hair. I wish she would be a little bit bigger and that there would be a slite blush on her face. The eyes are freaking amazing tho. You need to fiddle alot that her panty cover it at all. But I don't mind it that it doesn't fully covers it because I'm a fan of full cast-off anyway. And I think it looks pretty hot and the best that the panty is a little bit aside from her vagina so it doesn't covers it fully. Well I think overall she is worth a max. of 100$, not more. Paint job is still good and you also get a cushion for her. I'm really hyped for this one ITEM #396969 now. Progress can get better.
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tiny, was she always 1/8?
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If ami lives up to her name, she might bin on amiami :-)
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Tsukitamashi (1 anno/i fa) #22192269Yeah sounds exactly like mine. Looks like it's the same for everyone. When you connect the upper and lower parts together and then look at her back there's always a gap. There are 2 spots on her left inner thigh stocking and 3 straight spots on her right inner thigh stocking.

I just looked at the card and derp it shows the 'rips' in the stockings. To me they just look like a paint defect lol! I think she's adorable on her cushion though :)
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