Queen's Blade - Tomoe - 1/6 - Kindan no... Miko Kisekae (Genco, Hakoiri Musume)Queen's Blade - Tomoe - 1/6 - Kindan no... Miko Kisekae (Genco, Hakoiri Musume)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Scala & Dimensioni
1/6  H=270mm (10.53in, 1:1=1.62m)
Data di uscita
11/30/2016 Come Standard
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laprasdewgong3 anno/i fa#16799133Thanks for all the comments and pics about the seam lines. I received mine.
I think she is very nice overall but her leg being removable to change her panties makes no sense.
On the good side, she is a beautiful Tomoe figure that can be fully naked unlike most Tomoe figures. Although she has no detail at all down there, nothing at all. Still she has a very sexy body.
The seams for the arm and soft boobs are well hidden by her hair.
On the bad side is that removable leg. She should have been molded one piece. This detail leaves a bum with a huge visible crevice not hidden by her hair. Also in the front the seam line is very visible if not hidden by the correct arm part. (Poor girl, is not her fault, I keep saying to myself =P).
Another thing, DON'T leave that bandage-like bra on her for a long time. I left it on her for a long time and has left some very ugly marks on her boobs. They are somewhat visible in one of the pics I published. I hope her boobs return to normal someday, but it seems unlikely (sniff).
I added some pictures to illustrate above comments. Sorry for the photo quality, I really need to get a good camera for my figures.

and i just came back and saw this comment which was left like 3 years ago...
i hope when i put her back last time the clothes are removed... not so sure tho...
3 mese/i fa
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selling mine SOLD
2 anno/i fa
Heavenly_Otaku2 anno/i fa#33237920Thanks for sharing the pics. Very helpful. Tomoe is my favorite girl from the series. This figure is bad....

Using the excuse that a new Tomoe figure is coming up (Orchidseed) and having cleaned my Genco Tomoe recently, wanted to add some comments.
I like her but I completely agree ther design is bad. Her body should have been one piece only, like the one coming from Orchidseed. Also the color of her soft boobs has changed already, has gotten darker. And I don't even leave her in the sun, the color just got darker on it's own.
But I sort of see her with melancholy, like "It's not her fault". Specially when she looks at me with those eyes (I think I grow too attached to all my figures...)

From all the other comments, if someone out there plans on getting her, please consider:
-Many of those seam lines are covered by the hair, but the ones for her leg and bum are too obvious.
-At least in my case, her soft boobs got darker with time, even taking appropiate care of her.
-If you decide to use the bras, they will probably leave marks on her boobs. They won't return to normal shape.
-She looks cute with clothes on. There are several combinations of clothes and hands to display her.

On a separate note, about soft boobs, I hope it's only Genco that doesn't know how to implement them correctly.
I've had this Rias Gremory from Griffon for a long time and her soft boobs have had no color change at all or change in shape (Her loose bra must have been designed to prevent that). Also for some reason her price is on the clouds....
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laprasdewgong3 anno/i fa#16799133Thanks for all the comments and pics about the seam lines. I received mine........

Thanks for sharing the pics. Very helpful. Tomoe is my favorite girl from the series. This figure is bad. (picture/1664694...)

Not to many people bought her. After seeing your pics, I wouldn't buy her for even 1000 Yen. The manufacturer of this figure is the same one who produced ITEM #297610, I own her and let me tell you, that the soft boobs will become wrinkly and loose the skin color over time. My first and last mistake for buying a figure with soft boobs, never again.
2 anno/i fa