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She has the "Sol Badguy" vibe..
I keep returning to this page and I want to grab my crayons and put some color on her.
Quick. Vampire Hunter. WANT NOW. RIGHT NOW.
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Klon Solo Rei basta!
Every time I see a new Touhou figure is comming out I get excided. Until the moment I see it's made by QuesQ. Then I start hysterically crying because I know it takes at least 10 years until the figure finally gets done.

The good thing is, the first half we almost have.
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She's finally here! She looks amazing, can't wait to see the painted prototype in another 20 years. ;w;
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FINALLY ITS BEEN YEARS. honestly i already kinda like how she looks more than sakuya...
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feels unreal to finally see a prototype, wow.
i think the face is a bit too adult for reimu even considering BA's style, but other than that it looks damn gorgeous(and it's not like that make it less gorgeous anyway, just a bit off-putting if you know the character)
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Wasn't shown as a proto, but they put up a sign. They haven't forgotten.
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I'm hoping we'll at least see a picture of the prototype at Wonfes in a couple of weeks.
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RRSX 3 years ago

well, i hope that at least with the updates on sakuyashe'll be updated too.
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I didn't really expect her to get a prototype, but I was still hoping.
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At this point she'll be a figure my grandkids can enjoy before I do lol. I'm glad Sakuya got painted, but there were still no updates for our Reimu yet.
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