One Punch Man - Saitama - 1/4 (XM Studios)One Punch Man - Saitama - 1/4 (XM Studios)¥ Compra¥ Compra

One Punch Man - Saitama - 1/4 (XM Studios)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/4  W=400mm (15.6in)  L=450mm (17.55in)  H=600mm (23.4in, 1:1=2.4m)
Data di uscita
2020 Come Limited
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Limited to 299 pieces max for SGD $1,099.00 (799 USD)

Orders start the 29th May 2019 at 23:00 (GMT+8) via Xm Studio


It looks nearly perfect but his normal okay face they made total off><° simple faces seems to be difficult lol
7 mese/i fa
Maybe someday, but definitely not now. Not at that price.
1 anno/i fa
Tjoco1 anno/i fa#49699782Soooooo.....any news on this one?

Hi, I just upload a new Image. Have a nice day.
1 anno/i fa
Soooooo.....any news on this one?
1 anno/i fa
seems that will be a great figure, but it will be too expensive for me T-T like the big tsume Saitama XD
2 anno/i fa
Any news about this one!? :D
2 anno/i fa
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
A statue of Saitama big enough to kill people with

3 anno/i fa
0crybaby03 anno/i fa#18383424All their statues cost around 800$...I think I'll pass lol

3 anno/i fa
All their statues cost around 800$...I think I'll pass lol
3 anno/i fa
Elyrith3 anno/i fa#15877902XM is from Singapore and VKH and Xceed are unlicensed.That's a shame, they're equally high quality statues :/
3 anno/i fa
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