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Pocket Monsters - Pokedex - Kanto (Tiger Electronics)
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just found this in my room earlier, sadly the hinge cracked and i'm sure the battery is messed up, but i would love to restore it sometime!
1 anno/i fa
Mine is still working as well... good memories ^^
2 anno/i fa
Oh man this was the sh**. Mine still works to this day
3 anno/i fa
Oh wow... I remember getting this for my birthday. Brings back memories. Too bad the battery leaked and it was unusable. :(
4 anno/i fa
Kirenisa I am a collector!
found my old one from when I was a kid in storage so awesome.
4 anno/i fa
Sell mine!
Contact me if you're interest :)
5 anno/i fa
LOL can't believe I still own one of these after soooo many years! XD oh the good old times!
5 anno/i fa
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
I got mine at a Goodwill for a quarter, and it fully works. :B It's near mint, the only thing wrong with it is that there's "C.C." on the back in sharpie.. hilariously enough, C.C. was my initials before I got married, haha.
7 anno/i fa
Ophexis@Maakie: I think you're just supposed to press a button...enter if I remember correctly.

It just beeps, nothing works and Pikachu continues to stay on the screen. :/

Oh well, it looks nice in my Pokémon-collection.
8 anno/i fa
Just got my second one. I think I'll give my other one to my sis.
8 anno/i fa
PVC anime figure store.


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