Appleseed Saga Ex Machina - Deunan Knute - 1/10 (Wave)Appleseed Saga Ex Machina - Deunan Knute - 1/10 (Wave)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Appleseed Saga Ex Machina - Deunan Knute - 1/10 (Wave)
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08/2008 Come Standard
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Wow, this one is the exact same design as the one by Hot Toys. I thought I found the Hot toys version for really cheap, and was wondering why it didn't look as good as I remembered. Thought it was just a bad picture or my imagination or something. Glad I found that they are actually different before I bought it. But now I'm not sure it matters. This one is going for around $110 used, and the one by hot toys is going for around $300 used. I don't think I can afford that regardless of how amazing it is.
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