Black Lagoon - Revy - 1/6 (New Line)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/6  H=270mm (10.53in, 1:1=1.62m)
Data di uscita
12/2016 Come Exclusive
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Reservations can be made through GX Online Shop
Pre-orders start August 4, 2016 and ends September 13, 2016.


Looking for in Europe
5 mese/i fa
Asbel_Lhant1 anno/i fa#59736705Just got mine here today! :)is she cool? I get mine in auction today, i will receive her in 2 mounths, i have the only classic version in my house, Can i have pictures of this version please ? A lot prefer this figure :)
10 mese/i fa
Just got mine here today! :)
1 anno/i fa
15k yen opened order.mandarake...
1 anno/i fa
If anyone is selling this with the tongue face in still good condition please let me know! I am very interesting in buying her and would be willing to discuss a price.

Box damage doesn't bother me as well.
1 anno/i fa
pm if anyone is selling or know anywhere that's selling this. missed the preorder period so im hunting for her.nvm just saw the face sculpt for the normal one and its pretty bad. i doubt the face on this is any better.

fuckin hell would it kill rei hiroe to license his series to a decent figure company other than newline!? goddamnit!
3 anno/i fa
The idea for the exclusive is good. But it doesn't look that good sculpted.
3 anno/i fa
Other then the somewhat plain face look I wonder what the figure will look like in person.

Some of the photo's make it look like she's a bit thicker than normal in some places. I'm not sure if it's the legs or her hips but she looks like she's missing a body curve.

I'll probably hold off on buying it because of the price and wait to see what see looks later.
4 anno/i fa
thats her tongue? i thought she was wearing lip gloss for a second or something. cant really tell from the front although from the side i guess i can see it. other than that the pose is okay but the sculpt looks fine. i like em thick and nice like this figure.
4 anno/i fa
BloodFlower4 anno/i fa#13812817SundayGX's blog wrote that the exclusive version's face is based on the anime opening, which I'm sure is supposed to be this scene:
That's a pretty cutesy face to me. But the standard version's smile on the other hand isn't really fitting with Revy.

ah... u're right there :| maybe I juz liek angry revy as a whole :p
4 anno/i fa
Import from Japan


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