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Bayonetta - Replica - Scarborough Fair - Thyme (SEGA)
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01/2010 Come Limited + Exclusive
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Exclusive with Bayonetta "Climax Edition." Limited release.


1 anno/i fa
That is some elegant gun.
3 anno/i fa
still cant find this. if you selling this plz pm me! thank you!!!
4 anno/i fa
I'm so glad that Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme weren't released otherwise it would have been five times as harder to find all four and be ten times as expensive.
I got this for $100NZD on the New Zealand's equivalent of eBay which was out of the blue because I just thought I would check and see what NZ was offering and low and behold I found it and got it straight away.
4 anno/i fa
looking to buy! PM me if you have
4 anno/i fa
i'm selling (no box) please pm with offer :)
5 anno/i fa
Anyone selling?
Want these!
5 anno/i fa
Looking to buy this. Please PM me!
5 anno/i fa
If anyone is selling theirs, please PM me.
5 anno/i fa
I'm thinking about selling mine.. It has a little bit of chip damage on the top trigger, but aside from that it's in good condition and comes with the display stand. Anyways… Please PM me if you're interested and I can take pictures.
5 anno/i fa
Bringing the hobby to your door.


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