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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ - Katou Megumi - 1/7 (Souyokusha)Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ - Katou Megumi - 1/7 (Souyokusha)

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ - Katou Megumi - 1/7 (Souyokusha)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/7  H=160mm (6.24in, 1:1=1.12m)
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Get out of the way Rin!
I need to see Katou
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Sad that her face isn't as good as the existing ones. Will hold my final judgement for the actual photos, but one of the worst faces of Megumi I've seen so far.
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TheProtaku (6 mese/i fa) #32298991And I know her chest isn't supposed to be Utaha level, but gosh darn that's tiny even for her; bit bigger in the official art at least.

While I agree with you on the other points, I think her chest is correct for Kato. She's supposed to be the girl next door, not a bimbo. Personally, I'm quite glad for once we get a figure that is somewhere between ridiculously big boobs and downright pedo-loli.

Still curious to see more pictures of the prototype, I haven't not ruled out she could be a decent Kato figure.
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The face and ears look really off, almost reminds me of a chipmunk face.
And I know her chest isn't supposed to be Utaha level, but gosh darn that's tiny even for her; bit bigger in the official art at least.
Overall I'm disappointed but hey, my wallet is slightly happier at least.
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matthewn4444 (6 mese/i fa) #32204266It's fixed!
Thanks for uploading! Her hair has definitely improved. Looking forward to seeing if there are any more photos of Kato from Shanghai's Wonder Festival
6 mese/i fa
It's fixed!

6 mese/i fa
This gotta be a fake sculpt, holy shiebe it’s terrible ! Like it was a joke at first but I’m seriously beginning to think that. I just looked at her prior to pain job next to the painted and the sculpt of the mouth, there’s a slant in her eyes. But maybe it’s official, idk
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Cantisama (8 mese/i fa) #31198602Character: Stranger
Version: Megumi Katou cosplay

This figure in a nutshell.

BloodyEarth (8 mese/i fa) #31150991Prototype was really good but what the heck happened to her?
If they don't fix this, I guess this will be a very easy pass. I don't intend to buy my waifu when she doesn't even look like my waifu.

Something's off with the face, or more exactly her eyes. Quite disappointing to think no excellent Katou figure based on this outfit have been release... Just her classic pose over the hill in the wind would have been a crowd pleaser. Waiting for the official release before commiting to buy. Money's too precious.
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Rin_Asano (8 mese/i fa) #31152280...I found some other pics...
PICTURE #1927504
PICTURE #1927505

The latest two pictures seem much nicer than wherever the botched photo set as the thumbnail came from. Thank you, by the way. The remaining problem, however, is that the paint still appears very flat. I don't see any shading (that wasn't introduced by the lighting of this display cabinet), especially in her hair and the red cardigan. Looking forward to the official pre-order photos that Good Smile always does in their office!
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Character: Stranger
Version: Megumi Katou cosplay
8 mese/i fa
I think soon we'll see better pics but I think it's not the final version, cause in last teaser hair has violet shadows:
PICTURE #1919596

and here not! (and of course the school uniform, bag etc)

ok , no, I found some other pics and I see violet shadows:
PICTURE #1927504
PICTURE #1927505
8 mese/i fa
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