Saint Seiya - Cancer Death Mask - HQS (Tsume)Saint Seiya - Cancer Death Mask - HQS (Tsume)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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Limited to 1800-2200 (depending of orders) for 479.00 Euros

Pre-orders start at Tsume Shop the 1st December 2017


I can't believe they made him. He's my favorite saint, but I figured everyone hated the guy. I'm not going to lie, he's a total douche, but I love him. God bless Tsume.
15 giorno/i fa
worryseed_2 anno/i fa#34792126Trading my toshiro HQS for this if anyone interested, PM if you are Still interested
1 anno/i fa
Trading my toshiro HQS for this if anyone interested, PM if you are
2 anno/i fa
I like what they have done with the design; wish they poured that effort into someone else though...
2 anno/i fa
Anyone knows stores that still have him for PO in Europe?
2 anno/i fa
Nice figure... but gosh, how I hate this guy!
2 anno/i fa
2 anno/i fa
I love the style =3
2 anno/i fa
darkrose3 anno/i fa#20959676hmm.. why deathmask..
Well, because all gold saints will be made at final I suppose
2 anno/i fa
hmm.. why deathmask..
3 anno/i fa
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