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I've wanted this figure for a long time, so glad I got my hands on the lot! her skirt was extremely stubborn though and didn't want to go on ): besides that shes absolutely adorable and I love her!
2 giorno/i fa
This figure is extremely fragile especially the umbrella having tremors sucks and putting figures with parts like this together is probably the worst part of it this figure is so cute tho and i love her.. i just wish my hands would keep steady enough to put her together without fucking up :^(
11 mese/i fa
1 anno/i fa
Putting her together was nervewracking but all assembled she looks so good!! I bought the set of five mostly for this figure. She's really cute and whimsical.
3 anno/i fa
Got her as a gift from my boyfriend and I love her!! She really reminds me of Chi and the detail on this tiny one is great ^^ assembling her is a bit annoying, that goes for all gashapon i guess. But she's really worth it :D
6 anno/i fa
Selling! New! www.ebay.com/it...
7 anno/i fa
Aww this one is so cute..
8 anno/i fa
so beautiful
8 anno/i fa
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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