Black ★ Rock Shooter - Blu-Ray - Limited Edition (B★RS Project, Ordet)Black ★ Rock Shooter - Blu-Ray - Limited Edition (B★RS Project, Ordet)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Black ★ Rock Shooter - Blu-Ray - Limited Edition (B★RS Project, Ordet)
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12/17/2010 Come Limited
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1 episodio, 1 dischi, 00:52:00, Region-free
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+DVD, Nendoroid Petit BRS Set, Illustration Book, Story Board Book


I'm selling the entire set here: www.ebay.com/it...
Send me an offer of at least $30~
2 anno/i fa
Selling this set including: DVD, Nendoroid Petit, Illustration book & Storyboard book. Figures are displayed behind glass doors and in very good condition and the artbooks are kept on bookshelf too. Feel free to check out other stuff I'm selling here & my seller reviews :)

Codition: A
Box Condition: A- May have storage wear
2 anno/i fa
still available Chrisi3 anno/i fa#16797421selling both the petites and the blu-ray for €100 free shipping in europe
3 anno/i fa
selling the whole blu ray limited edition set on my ebay!! www.ebay.com/it...
3 anno/i fa
selling both the petites and the blu-ray for €100 free shipping in europe
3 anno/i fa
Selling the entire limited edition bluray/DVD set with petits new and sealed for $50. Price negotiable. Shipping from USA and will ship internationally if possible. Shipping prices vary; please send me you zip code/postal code for an estimate. PM me for pictures or if you have questions.
SALE #103891
4 anno/i fa
Just wondering if the complete pack is heavy ; - ;
If anyone knows how much approx, i woud aprecciated it!

Nvmd, ordered ><
4 anno/i fa
anyone selling? i am located in uk and get payed in 2 weeks so looking about now
5 anno/i fa
For sale: SALE #59573
6 anno/i fa
Selling the whole set for 25€/34$ SALE #41713 PM for more informations, I couldn't put everything in the info box.
6 anno/i fa
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