Touken Ranbu - Online - Mikazuki Munechika - Romantic Doll - 1/6 (Good Smile Company, Takara Tomy)Touken Ranbu - Online - Mikazuki Munechika - Romantic Doll - 1/6 (Good Smile Company, Takara Tomy)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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"We regret to announce that due to manufacturing circumstances we have unfortunately had to cancel the release of the TAKARA TOMY's Romantic Action Doll Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-: Mikazuki Munechika."


Well fuck me, what the hell happened? :/ I actually wanted to get him really bad too.
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fortykoubuns Fujo Trash Receptacle
kokotay2 anno/i fa#30896996canceled D: Q.Q
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canceled D: Q.Q
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Gosh he is so beautiful. I probably won't be getting this anytime soon unfortunately because of the price. I was already lucky enough to get his scale on sale for half off on AmiAmi so maybe I could be just as lucky again with this one!

It would be interesting to see at least a few more characters if he sells well (hopefully a Kogitsunemaru or someone else). But hey, regardless of price I think this beats getting those $1000+ custom BJDs (as cool as they are).;u;

By the way, tell me I'm not the only one who noticed the footwear isn't on properly here: PICTURE #1816904
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Kohagura2 anno/i fa#24095143What exactly does "Romantic Doll" mean? Is it the art style, or material, etc?
i think it's just a doll line made by takara tomy that are higher end/more detailed/more expensive. tho i think it originally started to pay tribute/make dolls for older shoujo series.
this doll tho is different from the rest as its hair is sculpted and good smile company teamed up with them to make this. not really sure why it's in the romantic doll category as i find it very different from the other 3 that were made...
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not into this/know of this series but it looks pretty!
though idk i feel like it could have been better? i have the oscar doll from the romantic doll line and it's absolutely gorgeous! and i find it looks better and more like a doll compared to this? and i'm wondering if it's because tomy teamed up with good smile that it didn't turn out as good as the other dolls from the romantic line?
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Lazuli Sailor Muteki
IF ONLY there's a 1/6 scale figure of him with better sculpt than that~a quick head-swapping work wouldn't be so bad. O__O but nada!

Wishlist for now...
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ohh pretty

look at price

Oh shiiiii
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