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Bloempje2 giorno/i fa#92886079I’ve got her not opened but I checked her hair I doesn’t seem too terrible so maybe I am lucky.same, it's still not as god as Lyncfs's, but it's still probably the best looking hair i've seen so far aside from hers.
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Bloempje Hunting my grails
I’ve got her not opened but I checked her hair I doesn’t seem too terrible so maybe I am lucky.
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So I just got mine in the mail today and I think you guys are right about it possibly being a "bad batch" issue. I haven't opened her but i can see pretty clearly thru the plastic window of the box. Mine has slightly messy paint for the hair ribbon but it's not too terrible at all, and she doesn't appear to have any paint mold issues for the bangs like some of the pictures on here. Really unfortunate that they can't ensure quality for all of them if its the case that only some people got unlucky because based on mine alone, I'd say she's a pretty good figure.
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I've posted a review of her here for those that are curious.

BLOG #47932
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I really hope Neco doesn't license anything else to them. Myethos is doing an amazing job, figma is doing an amazing job and i'm sure Wing/Flame Toys will do an amazing job. There's really no excuse for the long list of QC issues on this figure at this price point.
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I got mine today and uploaded a few pictures. The paint is definitely messy on some parts but the main problem is the base.. Just the sheer size of that thing. It's unnecessary and whoever thought that was a good idea should get fired..
I wouldn't recommend getting her for the full price. For that the quality just isn't there tbh..

On the plus side I still really like her and the chair and especially the scissors are beautiful!
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In stock @ Solaris Japan

Pre Owned for ¥27,025
└ Check product page for item condition.
Sorta regret preordering this now >< hope it doesn't look as bad in person.
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Maybe just a bad batch or isolated case ( I hope ) and the final product is as good as the photos
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Wow I'm super upset about how she turned out.. I was really looking forward for her.
I think I can still cancel my order with Solaris Japan so I tried that. :(
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