Transformers - Grimlock - The Transformers: Masterpiece  (MP-8) (Takara Tomy)Transformers - Grimlock - The Transformers: Masterpiece (MP-8) (Takara Tomy)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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Keen on grabbing one of these just don't want to pay $300.. If anyone has one in excellent condition with original box.. hit me up.
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raptormeshMust...resist...I bought the animated version, but its NOT ENOUGH.
The classic Grimlock design + Takara Masterpiece, the best Grimlock version available, GET IT! ^___^

Passed it up the 1st time, but not a again. I'll order this from a local store as soon as its listed for pre-order. ^_^
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LCRe-issue scheduled on August 2011 from BBTS.

Must...resist...I bought the animated version, but its NOT ENOUGH.
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Re-issue scheduled on August 2011 from BBTS.
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I see all other Transformers Masterpiece are classified as action figure.
Even if I think that they are completed model, somebody should change the category of THIS model from completed model to action figure, so all MP will be in the same category.
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Renamed to MP-08 Grimlock and updated material to "die cast".
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