Nekopara - Chocola - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)Nekopara - Chocola - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)¥ Compra¥ Compra

Nekopara - Chocola - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/7  H=235mm (9.17in, 1:1=1.65m)
Data di uscita
05/24/2021 Come Standard
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3 giorno/i fa
Guys just don’t use the stand with the umbrella it makes it much easier! This figure is 10/10
13 giorno/i fa
I'm considering selling mine. Let me know if you're interested! Brand new in box with AmiAmi bonus.
17 giorno/i fa
Right stuf has them in stock if anyone is looking!
23 giorno/i fa
Anyone selling her in the EU? Please PM if selling :)
29 giorno/i fa
Selling both of them as a pair for 450 USD! Taken out of box for inspection before being put back in. Only shipping to US
1 mese/i fa
Mine came today (i had her shipped with surface parcel ;-;) and she is gorgeous!

There are some things I wish were better made, like some paint work (Thank God nothing big), the red footholder/peg thingy (I wish this part matched the base), the flimpsy small hair strands (I'm really scared to break these off) and the way the umbrella lays.

The umbrella falls off the most I breath a little bit towards te figure (to make it more secure, I used a little bit of sticky putty thiny). I do like her pose, but I do dislike the lipgloss like paint on her lips... But it doesnt look that awful from far away.

Now I hope I can get Vanilla somday.
1 mese/i fa
Got mine and the umbrella arrived broken :( Not an easy thing to fix either (it broke on the handle portion, not the rod, and not the problem everyone else is reporting about the "fit"). The best I can hope to do is gorilla glue and some electrical tape. Check your boxes carefully.
1 mese/i fa
Cremepuff1 mese/i fa#100850244They're finally getting shipped out!

Yes, she and vanilla will be here tommrow or wedensday! I'm excited
1 mese/i fa
Alissk1 mese/i fa#100375928Yeah, I ordered mine via bigbadtoystore and most orders that released early this year for japan have not been received yet.They're finally getting shipped out!
1 mese/i fa