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Rocket boy did an amazing job with Dva, I have a feeling this beauty isn’t going to disappoint.
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I see there is also no progress on ITEM #806264 . Hope it doesn't have the same issue
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Thank you so much maxlinkmax for the information. I had really lost all hope that this beautiful bride will ever be come a reality it's awesome to know that not Canceled.
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I'm a friend of Ban and also a big fan of his futanari artworks.
I asked him today regarding this one and he explained that it's not "cancelled".
Rather, it's more like in a "pending" state.
What's happening is that the manufacture does not see much demand on this one after they published news about they are going to make this one.
Since the demand is not as high as they expected, they put a really low priority on making this figure.
They'd like to spend their resources and time on those with higher demand first.

Don't lose hope just yet. Go gather more futa fans out there to show the manufacture that there are actually more people who wants this figure than they thought.
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Please! Bring her back.
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Hell no whyy
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God, I would hope so much she comes back!
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Ban mentioned this figure in a tweet thread of figures made from his art with the caption "Let's go again!", Maybe it means she isn't cancelled after all?
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NuSoard1 anno/i fa#64825840Sadly, we're unlikely to ever know. There really is no possible reason I can think of, other than perhaps someone responsible for these decisions doesn't like futa figures. I have to assume Dva was a huge success for them, since they released a variant. You don't do that with flops. Whatever the reason, this is a tragedy. Dva's still the best we have, and I'm VERY afraid for ITEM #806264
Please, don't let them cancel that one. I'm guessing that's unlikely, since they have a prototype, right? :(

I too sense hesitancy on the part of major producers to develop futanari figures, despite the apparently substantial profits made off of Dva, if the secondary market is anything to go by. That fear has already manifested in the cancellation of this figure and the crippling integration of a detachable penis on Hermaphroditos. There's likely a fear that futanari is too niche a genre for such figures to sell well, resulting in design compromises and cancellations, but that conservative attitude will be detrimental to companies in the very near future. Fans of this genre are so starved for content that they will probably purchase anything that comes out for the next little while, and that would have been more than enough to fiance the production of these figures. With design compromises made to reach a "wider market," though, producers are alienating their audience. Marketers cannot take us for granted very much longer as they did with Hermaphroditos. In a hobby this expensive, you can only get burned so many times before you stop preordering.

All that having been said, I wouldn't worry at all about the release of ITEM #806264. That figure is at the top of my wish list now the "bride" futanari, which looked like perfection itself, has been taken off the table; however, I am bracing myself for another removable member that will result in a displeasing overall aesthetic.
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