Nekopara - Vanilla - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)Nekopara - Vanilla - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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Nekopara - Vanilla - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/7  H=235mm (9.17in, 1:1=1.65m)
Data di uscita
05/24/2021 Come Standard
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amiami restocked again, just snagged one yay
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Stock all gone AmiAmi

3 giorno/i fa
If someone is still looking to buy in EU: www.archonia.co...
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nanami_88 giorno/i fa#97860876Vanilla and Chocola are in stock on amiami! i seem to have missed out on vanilla im so sadddddd. chocolas still up though.
8 giorno/i fa
Vanilla and Chocola are in stock on amiami!
8 giorno/i fa
i really regret that iw ont be getting the acrylic strap with mine since i had to order from TOM, got chocola's though
10 giorno/i fa
I’m looking for her :)
10 giorno/i fa
Is anyone selling?
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*Chocola is the first figure, Vanilla starts at about 20:18.

After several long delays, the Racing Nekos have come home! As Chocola and Vanilla are sisters and are basically attached at the hip, if you get one, you really should get the other, unless you want to be a monster. Like with their PUP versions, I decided to include them both in one video.

I think Vanilla turned out pretty good. I do feel her face is a little bit off still, but I absolutely love the details and all the colors in her eyes. They will just suck you in. While I like Chocola as a character a little bit more, I think Vanilla's blue and white color scheme just looks so much better. Though unfortunately, the little dark blue heart decorations along the edge of her skirt are harder to see. Her sculpt is done great. I love the pose, and the way the hair flows. Being such a light color, it is unfortunately easier to see the seams where extra pieces of hair was attached, but for hair this detailed, there's no getting around that. The paint is decently done. Not absolutely perfect two inches from your eye, but from a reasonable viewing distance, I don't notice any imperfections. The paint does have a rough, chalky feel to it. Her base is a thick, clear acrylic disk. A little boring, but it does look pretty nice. It shares the same typo with Chocola's, saying "Mide" in China. One improvement with Vanilla over Chocola is the umbrella attachment. Vanilla's hand is actually closed, allowing her to actually grip the handle, making one decently secure point of attachment. This makes it much easier to balance on the support rod. Though I would have to say, a single support rod with a tiny point of contact still isn't ideal in this case. Maybe if it was a "T" shape, it would better balance the umbrella.

Overall, I'm happy with her and she looks great with Chocola. I also love how big they are compared to the PUP figures. I do currently plan on getting the rest of the racing neko set, and quite look forward to it.
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goddessxaqua15 giorno/i fa#97560596I emailed amiami to send me the payment requests for her and Chocola and they gave me it, so if anyone is still waiting I recommend reaching out to them

Can confirm, same thing just happened to me.
After waiting over a week for the payment request I send them an email requesting it and then was sent it with a reply apologizing for the wait.
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