Yuusha Neptune: Sekai yo Uchuu yo Katsumoku seyo!! Ultimate RPG Sengen!! - Neptune - 1/6 - Pyoiin Ver. (Kadokawa)Yuusha Neptune: Sekai yo Uchuu yo Katsumoku seyo!! Ultimate RPG Sengen!! - Neptune - 1/6 - Pyoiin Ver. (Kadokawa)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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Yuusha Neptune: Sekai yo Uchuu yo Katsumoku seyo!! Ultimate RPG Sengen!! - Neptune - 1/6 - Pyoiin Ver. (Kadokawa)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/6  H=220mm (8.58in, 1:1=1.32m)
Data di uscita
10/2019 Come Limited + Exclusive
10/2019 Come Limited + Exclusive
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Orders via Dengekiya and AmiAmi can be placed from the 28th January 2019 until the 1st April 2019 at 23:59JST.

Dengeki Special Pack includes:
- a B2 tapestry PICTURE #2141268
- an A3 background PICTURE #2141267
- panda slippers PICTURE #2141215


In stock @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥19,490)
Brand New! => Brave Neptunia - Neptunia Pyoiin Ver. Dengeki-ya Special Pack [Kadokawa]
~160.29 € / ~$190.42
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I'm pretty happy with mine too. Couple minor paint flaws on the bottom of her hoodie but everything else looked great. I do think the base feels extraordinary cheap though. Whether this is worth the money I think depends on how big of a Nep fan you are.
9 mese/i fa
Hmm, all things considering this looks much better than the demo pictures in person now that it's here. It could be just me but I'm happy nonetheless. Plus Neptune isn't being a loli here so it's a huge win.
9 mese/i fa
In stock @ Playasia

Worldwide Shipping!
9 mese/i fa
Xenostar9 mese/i fa#69344991Which version did you end up getting?
I don't think Amiami had anything else but the version without them. Maybe I would've got that one instead if they had it.
9 mese/i fa
Sonaza9 mese/i fa#69312804Amiami sent out a payment request today for this. No delays \o/
Got mine from Nippon-Yassan as well. Really hope it turns out nice. Which version did you end up getting? I went with the regular one. Shipping was alot more for the other one. I couldn't justify the overall cost for a cute pair of slippers and some extras I may not use.
9 mese/i fa
Amiami sent out a payment request today for this. No delays \o/
9 mese/i fa
Ending up doing a lot of thinking on this one and decided the price tag is just not worth it. I love the Neptunia series, but I don't understand how she's priced as highly as she is. Used my saved up money to get Alter's Purple Heart instead and hardly regretting it. I really hope she magically drops in the aftermarket but there's no way in hell that's happening, just another thing to hope to find pre-owned on AmiAmi.
1 anno/i fa
kataklism1 anno/i fa#5545836714k on amiami actually, and well, to be honest for a 1/6 it is actually somewhat cheap(likely due to the kind-of-limited amount of details compared to most 1/6 figures)
No. My 1/6 T'System Reimu and Marisa for 4k, that's somewhat cheap. My Dark Angel Miku which is a prize figure but as big as an 1/6 and actually quite detailed for a prize figure for $28 is definitely cheap. Not as good as this... or wait, looking at the pictures, I don't think this is any more detailed. The paintjob might be better (or not, random QC is a thing) but it doesn't really seem more detailed than most of my prize figures...for 10x the money.
14k+ is expensive, even for an 1/6. Sure we can say every scaled figure is ridiculously expensive nowadays instead of saying this particular one is expensive but that doesn't make the case better. All the scaled figures I own were in the 2-8k price range. Compared to the average of 5k, this costs 3 times more. In fact it costs like 50% more than those 1/4 Lucky Star scales I never bought and those are bigger...
However, I'm desperate enough for non-transformed, non-ecchi Nep figures so I'm going to pray someone makes bootlegs of this so I can actually buy one. I've seen plenty of bootlegs of the others I don't want so there is hope...In fact I could get a 1/8 Noir for $20 if I wanted right now, too bad I'm interested in Nep, Plutia, Ram, Rom and Blanc... and some minor characters who'll never get a figure anyway.
But really, rather than bootlegs I'd prefer to spend my money on decent Nep prize figures if I could...
1 anno/i fa
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.



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