Original Character - Caroline Lily (BINDing, Native)Original Character - Caroline Lily (BINDing, Native)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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Can't wait to preorder.
9 giorno/i fa
Slap a price tag and drop that preorder lets gooo
14 giorno/i fa
Norwegian15 giorno/i fa#79812882Exciting!

I've never really been into bunny figures in general, but this is absolutely beautiful artwork from sakiyama and the colors here. Jesus christ.
15 giorno/i fa
15 giorno/i fa
She looks amazing! So excited to see her painted!
5 mese/i fa
She looks really nice, but I'd prefer it if she didn't have the heart on her arm.
5 mese/i fa
Really looking forward to this one. She looks stunning
5 mese/i fa
take123 Bunny Farm
Uploaded more better resolution photos I took. Out of all the Native figures displayed she was the most stunning. The details are significant, all the belts, stockings, boots, accessories and stuff, it's a lot going on. I hope they paint her soon and the quality control is good. It's going to look awesome.

This thing is 1/4. It's Huge. You had to see it in person...

5 mese/i fa
I have to see that with colors to decide.
That was really fast with the prototype. :-O
5 mese/i fa
the sculpt looks fantastic!
5 mese/i fa
Live better. Play more!


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