Sword Art Online - Yuuki - 1/7 (Alter)
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hmm really not a fan of this caracter
27 giorno/i fa
I wish she would have wings...
A scale with wings would be a dream!
5 mese/i fa
Finally a good Yuuki scaled figure! Will go along with my Alter Asuna!
6 mese/i fa
Figureditout7 mese/i fa#70998835Yuuki best girl in the whole SAO franchise. I'm sort of hoping for an alternative outfit to her usual battle armor.
Oh my, picture of the prototype already. It's in fact her usual battle attire.

Mhhhhh for a nearly forgotten character,I am totally fine with every scale figures from Yuuki, but yeah something else like her Hollow Realization outfit would be better I guess...
7 mese/i fa
An Alter scale figure from Yuuki...say it is a dream...wait what 1/7, yeah it is a dream, one that came true!
7 mese/i fa
I'm pretty sure the pose is intended to contrast the Asuna that Alter recently released
7 mese/i fa
7 mese/i fa
More like of Alter's Asuna KOB version's pose. Pls. Make a solo Kirito figure and Alice!
7 mese/i fa
This is such a weird pose. I would have to see how it'll be irl, but it looks as if it will be hard to show her face properly.
7 mese/i fa
That_Random_Guy Resident Fate Collector
Jaou7 mese/i fa#71072796Ohh, interesting... Alter you better not mess this paintjob up!hope so but idk... willing to bet she will be over saturated like their sinon
7 mese/i fa
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