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when but most importantly why?
23 giorno/i fa
Exhibited at the Wonder Festival looked wonderful. I'm just interested in what the official pictures (item) will look like before the release :)
4 mese/i fa
My wife! I love you soo much ! I cant get you in game ill have you on my shelf!❤️❤️❤️
9 mese/i fa
Was a given she was getting a figure, glad that it's Alter that is doing her! :D
9 mese/i fa
Will never say no to more Raita figures
9 mese/i fa
I'm so happy !!!!! She is literally the most beautiful character or one of the most beautiful characters of the Fate series. Thank you so much Alter, can't wait for the prototype and hopefully the final product going to be magnificent. Insta-preorder !
9 mese/i fa
finally, she's getting one! T u T
9 mese/i fa
9 mese/i fa
Hell YESSSS!! i dont care what the price 200 or more ! YOU ARE MINE!!!!
9 mese/i fa
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