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Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥9,020)
Pay Later Available!
=> Shirakami Fubuki [Luminous Box]
-18% OFF / ~76.69 € / ~$86.37
└ +5% Points on all Orders!
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I wonder if there will be a figure of Aqua... I'd love to have a figure of the silly and clumsy maid.
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a normal 1/7 sized version of this would be nice though. I don't have the space for a figure this large.
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Will she even be up for sale?
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this looks cuter than her actual model........
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Nanahira6 mese/i fa#71906891this will probably cost $500 what is a normal price for a 1/3?
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I'd get it if the price is reasonable
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this will probably cost $500
6 mese/i fa
I missed my chance to get her on Azur Lane but now I can get her in RL instead <3
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Oldspeak6 mese/i fa#71892211I'd throw in the wallet for good measure.
If only my wallet was made of gold. It would be worth more than the amount of money inside it.
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