Nekopara - Chocola - 1/4 - Bunnysuit Ver. (BINDing, Native)Nekopara - Chocola - 1/4 - Bunnysuit Ver. (BINDing, Native)¥ Compra¥ Compra

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Nekopara - Chocola - 1/4 - Bunnysuit Ver. (BINDing, Native)
Scala & Dimensioni
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chainfire4 ora/e fa#84067088Will this be cast-off? The other 2 Nekopara series figures from native and BINDing are cast-off so yes. I can't imagine this not being.
3 ora/e fa
Will this be cast-off?
4 ora/e fa
Edenite9 giorno/i fa#83600147Will this sell on amiami?Most likely after when they are released so as a preowned.
8 giorno/i fa
I hope the others get this style also :) I like it
8 giorno/i fa
Will this sell on amiami?
9 giorno/i fa
Loving the little cat ears on the thigh high stockings
(* ̄ii ̄)
9 giorno/i fa
The new painted pics...omg love it!
9 giorno/i fa
Here we go again....my wallet is screaming for mercy but I guess I am getting the knife anyways xD
9 giorno/i fa
Omg they are 1/4 iiiii dieeeeee i love then fuck ! Twitter you saved my day !!!
9 giorno/i fa
Sneak peek! twitter.com/say...
Looking to be 1/4 scale and cast-off
9 giorno/i fa
Live better. Play more!


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