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Dollfie Dream - Image Character - Yukino - 1/3 - 2nd Version (Volks)Dollfie Dream - Image Character - Yukino - 1/3 - 2nd Version (Volks)

Dollfie Dream - Image Character - Yukino - 1/3 - 2nd Version (Volks)
Scala & Dimensioni
1/3  H=580mm (22.62in, 1:1=1.74m)
Data di uscita
10/2012 Come Exclusive
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DD base body III, normal skin, L bust.
Wig is W-121D-27 Shaggy Curl Natural Gold. Eyes are Acrylic Eye 22mm Animetic H-Type Anzu (Apricot).


Selling Yukino’s head and eyes for £150 ^^ CLASSIFIED #155660
5 mese/i fa
ebilhamster (4 anno/i fa) #2170103There is one going on ebay starting at $300.
The one referred to here is actually a 1st version. Still a fair price for a used standard DDII.
4 anno/i fa
There is one going on ebay starting at $300.
4 anno/i fa
I have a version 2 Yukino and she has such a versatile look to her! Got her head off the Volks site, and an SD10 body from the MP on DoA. At some point, I want to buy her the Dynamite body, I think it will look better on her. Love her as she is though!
5 anno/i fa
Looking for Yukino. Body+head or body+head+wig is accepted too.
Please PM me when you are selling her for a good price or when you see a great deal online. Preferably a used one, since I can't afford the full price at the moment.
5 anno/i fa
Just paid a fair price for a new one. It cost a bit less than what Volks Japan lists, however, this one is already stateside. Shipping is going to be much less. Happy to have her soon joining my small band of DD's!
5 anno/i fa
I could've gotten her for only ¥21000 used condition, but I couldn't afford it. :'(
Now it will take ages again till I finally get my first Dollfie Dream. :(
5 anno/i fa
She should be here in about a week :) picked her up with a limited dress set for $400 shipped ^_^

Edit: by boyfriend just told me shes arrived! Too bad im away for a week, cant wait to open her :D
6 anno/i fa
PriestessYukiko aka, Miss Yasogami
Omg I just checked the tracking and she's in Canada! I can't wait to receive my first Dollfie! Edit: Received her! I can't stop admiring her, she's just so gorgeous!
6 anno/i fa
I didn't expect this. I was so sure I'm not getting a Dollfie... Suddenly want one and arrived 2 days later. Now I don't want to leave the house.
6 anno/i fa
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